As was the case with previous Worldwide editions of Understanding the CISG, this sixth edition is designed for use by lawyers and law students in all parts of the world, not least in the more than ninety ‘Contracting States’ where the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is now in effect.

Thousands of CISG national court judgments and international arbitral awards have been reported. This compact Convention guide takes account of many of these precedents (listed by origin and date in Appendix III), as well as the increasingly abundant CISG literature (a Table of Authorities, cited in short form in footnotes, is included as Appendix IV). In this sixth edition of Understanding, numerous additional concrete illustrations help explain and clarify key CISG rules.

Although CISG case law confirms that the Convention is most often interpreted and applied in a harmonious fashion, some CISG rules have generated disagreement. This edition of Understanding continues to account for such anomalies, particularly insofar as they impact merchants (and their lawyers) in the real CISG world.

As was the case with previous editions of Understanding, I have strived to report and analyze CISG law in a concise and correct way. As for those errors and ambiguities which might remain, I hope that readers who find them will be kind enough to let me know.

Copenhagen and Espergærde, Denmark

May 2022

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Understanding the CISG (6th Ed.)

A Compact Guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods